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The Hard-Luck Cafe:

Enjoy a freindly, welcoming drink and pleasing sounds without the hassle of having to go outside for a smoke, at the Hard-luck.

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Mellow folk, mellow atmosphere.

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We have held several jolly decent events in the Hard-luck to date, where mess and noise can be made without upsetting the tranquil balance of domestic bliss. Party on!

Drunk what you brung bar, get your favorite ales from the offy and sup til you drop, we even allow you to bring "larger"!

Beer fridge now cooling bottles and cans, drinking for the use of.

Bottle opener and ash trays supplied, remember, this is a private "bar", therefore smoking is permitted.

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We reserve the right to refuse entry to towny dickheads, chavs and f*ckwits, and expect reasonable behaviour from all our guests, regardless of state intoxication.

Interior decor, furnature and bar fittings will be improved as time allows.


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