th_gyrocaptain02This is a term broadly banded about by people who think they know everything. You may be accused of performing acts of bodgery during your shedological activities. These accusations are generally unfounded, and they should be dismissed as the words of an idiot.

If you are blindly attacking a task that you know absolutely nothing about, or are being so lax in your approach to a task that an accident is likely, then you are bodging. But as a majority of shedologists do actually enjoy their work, will proudly display their results and are prepared to learn new skills, I cannot see how this can be classed as bodging.

I have seen supposedly professional mechanics wreck good nuts, skin knuckles and damage paintwork by not using tools correctly. I have seen allsorts of objects used as hammers, levers, extensions, drifts and punches.

By nature bodgers have no tools they can claim as their own, for every tool that was ever made by man, was made for a purpose. It is when that tool is used incorrectly, or for an unfitting purpose that the bodger emerges. A good quality adjustable spanner, a versatile and worthwhile addition to any toolbox, can become a weapon of bodgery if wielded by an idiot, But if used in the correct manner, i.e. properly adjusted to the flats of a nut or bolt head, it is a tool.

If you understand how something works, or can figure it out, that is shedology.







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