The Greats Shedologists.


cromag01flint01Dawn of Shedology: Whilst it is clear that neandertals had and used simple tools, they were limited by their ability. When along came cromagnums, along came inginuity. Cromagnums were able to develop tools and techniques. From the simple bodgings of neandertal, a quantum leap was made to the application of learned skills, and the development of superior tools. Shedology had arrived.



watt01steamJames Watt: Watt provided the foundation for the great "shedological revolution". Being recognised as the first to harness steam power, Watts shedology sparked off the Industrial Age, that was to bring forth the reign of the engineer. Toiling away in sheds the length and bredth of the nation, these shedologists were producing ever more complex machines and inventions. As a result of their foundation work, we, the modern shedologist have at our disposal a wealth of information, techniques, materials and machinery, without which true, modern, shedology could not succeed.



fredfred01Fred Dibnah: I first saw Fred on a TV documentary about his demolishion work. Then he appeared in an advertisment for Greenall Whitley beer. Whilst I was dispatch riding in the early '80's. I pulled up along side aa old, maroon, Land Rover, and there was Fred, at the wheel. We chatted briefly untill the traffic started to move. Renowned throughout Britain for his restoration work on old steam traction engines, and his interest in the history of British shedology, Fred became a household name. I met him several times at vintage vehicle and steam rallies, where he was always a popular and approachable celebrity. Freds shed was truely amazing and I believe there is a campaign to have it preserved as a memorial and museum. In Bolton town centre, there is now a bronze statue of this great man.



th_Bertmunro01th_Bertmunro02Bert Munro: A true Shedologist This New Zealand hero took his shedology to untold heights. He lived and breathed sheds, literally. His home in NZ was his shed, surrounded by overgrown grass and weeds, he was always practicing his shedology, to the point of hand crafting his Indian Motorcycle into the world land speed record breaking machine "The Munro Special". The story of which is told in the film "The Worlds Fastest Indian" Starring Anthony Hopkins as Bert Munro.



The Great Shedologists


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